The West London Free School Moves to Palingswick House

We are delighted to be unveiling our plans for Palingswick House.  After some restoration and refurbishment carried out by Willmott Dixon, this historic building in the heart of Hammersmith will become our permanent home.

Our architects - Tp Bennett - have considered a number of schemes in connection with the site and have come up with a way to preserve Palingswick House in its entirety, including the lodge that sits in front of it.  Not only that, but the classroom block and dining hall will be built at the rear of the existing building, thereby preserving the view of Palingswick House from King Street. 

An Artist's impression of how The West London Free School could look

Palingswick House has had a number of uses in the course of its life, at one stage being used as a school for diabetic children.  More recently, it became a hub for local community groups.  But in 2011, the Conservative Council announced it intended to sell the building to help pay off the debts left by the previous administration.  It could easily have been bought by a developer who, in all likelihood, would have demolished the building (which isn't listed) and put up a block of flats in its place.  But luckily the Council decided to sell it to the West London Free School, thereby guaranteeing the building's survival and preserving it for community use.