Extra-curricular activities

At the West London Free School every child is expected to stay on after the school day ends at 15.50 from Monday to Thursday and participate in a different after-school activity from 16.00–17.00 on each of the four days. There are a wide range of options available, with pupils having the opportunity to learn a number of foreign languages, participate in a variety of different sports and pursue their interest in music, not to mention hone their skills as a chess player or debater. There really will be something for everyone.

The money we have been given to run our school by the Department for Education doesn’t include anything for extra-curricular activities so ask all parents to make a monthly voluntary donation. We know this is asking a lot, but there is simply no other way to fund this programme and it is absolutely central to the school’s vision. We carried out a consultation about this among the parents of our current cohort of Year 9s and nearly all of them said they’d be willing to help out. Please note that children whose parents cannot afford to make a monthly donation will still have access to the full programme.









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